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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 16 Heart of Darkness

In darkness night, while they are escape from king’s solider. Red transform to wolf to slow down the soldier after she asked James to find Snow.

At station Emma has no choice but capture Margaret, otherwise Mayor may fired her and find someone else do.

In other world Snow seem a bit evil, she is chasing the bird. Grumpy takes her to the meeting with Cricket and other dwarf.

They tell her that she is changed since she drink the potion. She said it’s a good thing, suddenly she become upset and decided to revenge on queen, she is leaving them.

At station Mayor and Emma question Margaret about heart they found at river.  She accept that the box is hers, but she won’t accept that she kill Kateryn and put her heart in.

Mayor convince Emma that if the box is stolen why nobody notice the sign of break in ? Emma go to check for door, windows in house but she can’t find any sign of break in. But she found the knife in the hidden hole under the floor, is it belong to Margaret ?

In other world, darkness Snow torture one of queen solider for her whereabout. He tell her that  queen will be at castle this night. Grumpy try to convince and calm her down.

But she won’t listen and still want to go to castle.  At wood James track down Snow, he found the guard. He’s the one who is attacked by Snow, he tell him that she’s going to kill the queen.

David go to convince Mayor, he tell her that it’s not Margaret. He think may be he is because of  his loss memory but Mayor disagree.

At station Mr. Gold offer his help as lawyer for Margaret, Emma really not agree, she suspect that he may want something.

In other world, Grumpy go to see Rumplestiltskin about Snow’s potion, he explain that because love is takes away so she has a hole in heart.

At same time Snow come to see him to ask him to help to kill the queen, he give her a bow. He tell her she has to shoot her while she ‘s move not in her castle.

Later that James go to see Rumplestiltskin, he ask about snow what he does to her. He tell him that if Snow kill the queen, she will become evil like the queen.

At wood James found Snow, he try to convince her. She beat and tied him to the tree, and go prepare to kill the queen.

David go to see Henry’s Doctor to help him remember what he knows so he can help Margaret. He hypnosis him, David could see the picture of Snow while she plan to kill the queen. but he mistake and think it’s Margaret.

In other world James found Cricket, he help to release him, he suggest him that he should help her remember herself first.

At the hill Snow found the queen on the her way, she fire the arrow. But James come in her way and get the arrow. He tell her that he wants to die instead of see her fill with darkness.

At last she remember him, but not long the king’s soldier comes to take him to custody. She go back to dwarf’s house, she come by to sorry and good bye. She wants to go to help James from king, dwarf agree to help her too.

Henry get the key from Mayor, he tell Emma that this key can open any door. She use one key there and it open the door of Margaret house.

David go to see Margaret at the station, he tell her that he remember that he try to stop her from killing katheryn.

Margaret is very disappoint because when he is accused of murdered, she don’t believe. But now he tell her that he believe.

While making her bed, Margaret found a key under her bed in her cell, she could use it open the cell. Emma tell her that heart’s DNA is belong to Kateryn, she has no choice but to make case on her.

Emma go to get help from Mr. Gold, She tell him she knows is Mayor’s plan but she has no evidence. She tell him that every time she fight her, she lose. Except when he help. He tell her that she’s powerful more than she think.

But at night Margaret leave the cell and escape