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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 5 Plutonium Is Forever

Agent capture a guy trespass in the government property, when he is cached. He said he want to talk to Walter.

Cabe come pick Walter, tell him that Mark wants to talk to him. He used to work with him in Scorpion.

Mark can hack to any communication, he knows about the security. He tell him something big is coming. He tell him something in code, Walter need to see his note to understand.

They go to his house, their team figure out that it’s his house. They start to upset, they find  some record about reactor communication. They think something bad is going but someone try to cover it. Walter think that something happen in old reactor.

He tell them they will going to upgrade the reactor. Walter show the general that something is wrong, the core temperature is high.

General tell them that they are cooling down the reactor until disabled it. Walter tell him that unless upgrade the system, it will not cool down and heating.

Water wants Mark to help, all of them wants Paige to talk with Walter about Mark. They don’t like when Mark tell them to do something. Happy tell Paige that Mark always get in Walter’s head.

Now Mark wants to run upgrade now, Happy argue that if they run now the old system will not stand, it will meltdown. Mark argue that if they do the test first, if failed it will meltdown in 17 hours.

Walter decided to run it now, Happy tell Walter that if he goes with him again, he will be own his own. Happy decided to run the test, it make one of the generator explode.

The meltdown is starting, the door is closing. Walter and Cape miss the door. They found another door, Cabe is trap in the door. The radioactive is leaking, he has to get out in 10 minutes.

Happy and Mark go back to his house to find the plan for pipe to ocean. He tell cabe to use pipe it will get him out he ocean.

They are working on upgrading system, Happy said that if it’s not work Paige should start to run now. She said she believe in them.

Walter found that Mark plant something, now they need something from his house. In 2 minutes, meltdown is going. He won’t give him the code, he try revenge him. Paige figure out the code and tell Walter, he try to stop. Cabe shot him at the leg.

The reactor is success upgraded, the meltdown is stopped.