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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 4 Shorthanded

Now Scorpion team is following suspicious man, with thier help the government could cache him as spy. After done they are heading to Casino, they are doing their 1st private job.

Cabe doesn’t agree with them to do, Walter is a bit worry because it’s their first job. He warn his team not to break it.

They all at Vegas, they meet the owner daughter. she offer them the room. They come to help them find why they are losing money.

After investigate and install new security, they found one of their dealer make them lose money. He tell owner that that dealer has shorthanded so that make him has low speed. So overall he make the lost the money.

After their job done, while they are leaving they notice 2 guy very suspicious, then they are robbing the casino.

After they gone, detective show up and suspicious them because they change security, the robber is happen.

Police found the tape record Walter’s voice and also found stolen money in his bag in his room. They put him in jail, Paige ask him to call Cabe for help. He still insist not to call Cabe.

His team split to find the evidence and find money to bail him out. Paige found out that the Crimson casino is a bit on shot in finance, may be they plan this for insurance money.

Police put Walter same room as the guy he made him fired. Toby come to visit him at prison, tell him that he can’t find the money. Walter is very disappoint on him.

At hotel they plan again to sneak in Casino’s network so they can copy their data to prove that Walter is innocent.

They go to the opposite building roof, they plan to enter the casino from roof.

from his cellmate Walter found that there is hidden passage in the casino, the old magician used it for show. He wants to tell his team, so he open the lock and go out.

While toby distract the security, they make it to owner’s room. Sylvester start to download file, but before he finish download. Police make him to move the car, he meet Walter on road.

Now they finish their download, they figure out inside man is owner’s daughter. While Toby is cache by security. owner daughter take him to the desert.

She’s upset at her father, because he is not give her the casino, she is going to use the money to build new casino. And it will be make his casino down.

Walter and team cache up them at desert, they are going to kill them. Cabe come with army, and rescue them.