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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 14 Dreamy

In other world 2 fairy are transferring the fairy dust. One of them Nova is very dreamy that next year she can be a new god mother. during the way, she drop few of them to the egg of dwarf.

One day Margaret show up at the diner, she asking for volunteer for miner’s day.  No body wants to help her, Margaret try to win the town back by do charity.

At the church, Leroy meet Nun Astrid . He help her to fix the light, she is very happy to see him. she tell him that if you can dream then you can do anything.

Emma go to see Katheryn’s car near the entrance of town, but no sign of her. Sidney come to try to help her by find her phone record, David also come to the scene. They suspect that probably he knows where she is.

In other world, once Grumpy is born. He is assign to be the head of group of 7 dwarf. Their duty is to crush diamond and make light to the world.

Nun Astrid has a big problem because she mistake by order things too much, now they have no money to pay the rent. Leroy offer his help to help their sell.

In other world, Grumpy help Nova and save her fairy dust bag. He remember her from his dream before his hatch.

Leroy and Margaret can’t sell any candle, He tell her and decided to go door to door and sell them. But it’s not work either.

After check Emma found that Katerlyn never make it to school. so she’s missing somewhere. Leroy tell Astrid that he can sell all of candle, Margaret ask him where he will get that money.

In other world, Grumpy go to see Nova at the hill, they plan to sell the boat and leave together.

Leroy go to see Mr. gold offer him the boat, exchange that he doesn’t collect his money next month. He will pay him full amount. Mr. Gold refuse.

Astrid come to see him at his boat, she accidentally see the candle he didn’t sell. He confess to her that he can’t sell them.

Sidney tell Emma that Kateryn call David before she missing, but he lies to her that he didn’t meet her.

In other world, Grumpy go to say good bye at his friend, when he leave. His boss and Nova’s teacher tell him that if they go together now it won’t end well.

Leroy and Margaret are very sad, both of them failed and hated by town. But he think up something,  he go to roof and destroy the transformer. All the town are in dark, he tell Margaret that now he’s selling candle.

In other world, Grumpy go to see Nova and refuse to go with her, he tell her to be a fairy like her dreamy. He goes back to be a dwarf.

Leroy and Margaret can sell all of their candle. Now seem some of the town forgive Margaret. She see Emma bring David to the station.