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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 13 What Happened to Frederick

In other world, Abigail is come to Kingdom for the wedding. James is running from king’s solider. Instead he’s cache by Abigail’s men.

She tell James that she wants to help because she also didn’t love him, she doesn’t want to marry him too.

She show him where is the Frederick, she tell him that they are under attack. Frederick help her and her father, but instead of die. with her father’s curse he turn to gold.

She tell him that to turn him back, she need the water from lake, but there siren is kill everyone there.

James agree to help her for what she done for him, he goes to the lake. he meet siren, she transform to Snow. She lure him and push him down the lake.

He almost drown in lake, but with dagger under the lake he could kill her. He bring back the water from the lake to Abigale, it works. Frederick is return from gold.

He leave and go to find Snow at her house, Red tell him that she never return after go to stop his wedding.

At that time, King and his men following him there. He and Red are running away.

David has agree with Margaret to tell Kateryln the truth, but he doesn’t. When Katerlyn tell him about law school in Boston, he just tell her that she should go there alone and have new start.

Katerlyn is very upset, she go to Mayer for talk. Mayer tell her that David and Margaret has affair. Katerlyn is so upset that even her is lie to her.

Katerlyn go to see Margaret, she tell her that David also didn’t tell her the truth. Margaret is so disappoint, now in the town everyone is blame on both of them.

A new coming man tell his name to Emma that he’s August, he take her out on date. he also secretly return Henry’s book near Emma’s car.

Katerlyn tell Mayor that she will go Boston alone, she left 2 letters to David and Margaret. She wish them be together and happy, but during the way out of town. Her car is crash, fortunately Frederick is coming after her.

Mayor use her key to get inside Katerlyn’s house, she take the letter and destroy it.