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Resurrection Season 1 Episode 7 Schemes of the Devil

At playground Jacob play with Jenny, Tom is worried about Rachel. She is disappear, Bellamy ask Margaret to use Jacob, He could sense Celeb, may be he could sense her.

Bellamy ask Jacob to help to sense her, but he doesn’t sense her. And he doesn’t want to because he’s scare.

Rachel try to tell them that she has no idea where Celeb is, they know that Jacob can sense Celeb. So they think she could too, they start to break apart. Only Gary think that they should hold her as long as possible.

Margaret found that the sample from Celeb is also disappear. while sample from Rachel and Jacob still there.

Bellamy and Tom are looking for Rachel, Tom thinks may be Gary kidnap her. They go to tell sheriff, and ask he to check. Sheriff found that Carl hiding something, he ask him to talk.

They go to see him at house, they meet his wife. She tell them about his drinking problem, he ask her if she has idea where he’s. She tell him that he has a cabin in the wood.

Dr. eric show Margaret that if he put Jacob’s cell sample in the leukemia’s cell sample. It cure, he tell her that the sample from himself.

Jacob’s missing from his house, at cabin Gary is complete drunk. He wants to dissect her because she is a devil, he accidentally cut her face. Sheriff come to see him at cabin, he found her in room.

He point gun to them, he wants to shoot her. He thinks that she is not human like Celeb. Tom and Bellamy come too, Gary point the gun to Rachel’s head.

Rachel fight him try to get gun, Gary shot her dead. Jacob’s parent found Jacob’s bike on the playground, they found him with Jenny. He said he bring them food, they are Jenny’s parent Jacob said they are like him return from dead.

At station a strange guy come say that he lost, he ask what year now ? One of officer dead sister also come back.

Bellamy found Rachel is walking on the road. At diner , a navy ask where is he. Sheriff realize that probably his wife also return. He rush to his house, he see his door is open. But inside he found his daughter, she also thinks that her mother may return.

Rachel found her mother at her affair’s house.