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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 12 Skin Deep

In other world, The king get the bad news, his army deep lost to the ogres. Then someone knock on the door, noone there. But in the room instead there is Rumplestiltskin, He offer the win but his price is the princess Belle.

Mr. gold force to get his van from Mr. French, because he didn’t pay back him yet. Mayor try to ask something from Mr.Gold, but he is not care yet.

Once he back home, his house is opened. He found Emma inside, somebody call her because his door is opened.

Mr. gold knows who do this, he’s Mr. French. Next day Emma found a lot of stolen from Mr. French place.

In other world, he used Belle as maid, to clean, to cook for him. Seem he and she has a little crush. They start to open to each other, talk together.

He let her go to town and buy something for him. She ask why he trust her to come back, he say he’s not.

On the way she walk to town, she meet dark queen. She come down and walk with her, she confess to the dark queen that she might fell in love deep with him.

Dark queen tell her that the kiss will change him back to normal guy, when she back she kiss him.  He changed a bit to human, but she tell him that dark queen tell her. He gone upset and throw her down to dungeon.

Mr. Gold kidnap Mr. French for what’s stolen from his house. He beat him down, Emma come to stop him. He didn’t kill him, Emma prison him.

Mayor want to see him in prison, she tell him that she is the one who trick Mr. French. she wants to know his real name.

In other world, he release her go. she tell him that he will regret. Dark queen come to visit him, tell him that Belle is killed by his father.

Mayor go to hidden level of hospital, there is room where Belle locked down.