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Resurrection Season 1 Episode 6 home

Sheriff check the footage of cell when the Celeb is disappear. He is so upset how this happening, he go to tell Elaine at her home.

Bellamy and Margaret go to visit Rachel, they ask if she remember anything. But she doesn’t, they leave without any clue.

Margaret tell him that she ask someone to help them about this, he’s Dr. eric at NIH. They discuss about what they are, may be a clone but how they clone the memory. And this is same for all of them.

He suggest them that they should find the pattern, he found that they may able to predict the next one will appear.

Rachel tell Tom that she is pregnant, after he tell his wife. They talk about it that they always want the kid, but they couldn’t. She ‘s very upset.

Dr. eric from NIH go to question Jacob, now he suggest them to send Jacob to NIH so they can check him more before it happen like Caleb.

Helen get some truth from Tom’s wife, she go to confront Rachel at her room, ask her to leave. If not she will expose him in the church, Rachel is panic she call Bellamy to help him.

Tom’s at church, he ask the opinion about what they concern. some of them think they might be dangerous as Celeb. Rachel come to church, Helen expose him that she carry his child.

He lost some of his people from church, they are not believe him anymore. Sheriff come to church later nothing serious happened.

Dr.eric invite Margaret to NIH too, Tom confront his wife about talk with Helen. She’s not feel sorry to do that.¬†Gary and his friend kidnap Rachel from her room.

At home Bellamy suggest Jacob’s father may be they should take him leave town, he said even now he’s disappear he still have these days with him.