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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 11 Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

In morning Henry found his hideout break by storm, but his hidden book still fine. Mayor show up at his place, fortunately his book is not seen.

Emma curious how Mayor knows about his place, Sidney come to purpose her how to expose the Mayor.  He upset because she make him leave a job, make him failed election.

In other world, the king found the golden lantern from shore, he release genie from the lantern.

Genie ask the king what he wants, but king said he has everything. Genie wants he to ask the wish so he can has his freedom, the king then give him the first wish to set him free.

And give the rest of wish to genie. Genie wants to find true love, so king invite him to his castle.

He met snow and regina his queen once he see her he fallen in love with her.

Next day Mayor bring down Henry’s hideout, and take his book. Emma is very upset and agree to work with Sidney.

Sidney tell Emma that Mayor get some money from town, he wants her to spy and track her. but Emma is refused.

In other world, Regina feel very depress because her king still don’t forget his late wife. She go out side, Genie follow her and give her a mirror.

Emma and Sidney confront her about missing money to Mayor, but she refused. Emma decided to plant bug at Mayor.

In other world, king tell Genie that he found this his queen is love someone else and betray him. He ask Genie to find out who is he.

Sidney and Emma heard from the bug that Mayor meet to pay someone, they follow her to the place. But their car is sabotaged, Emma didn’t give up they on the foot.

They found Mr.gold, he tell them that she meet him to bought the land.

In other world, Queen’s father go to meet Genie tell him that. King lock her in the tower, he give him the box.

Emma and Sidney break into Mayor’s office, they found the document that link Mayor and land buying. Emma can’t find Henry’s book there.

In other world, Genie give queen the box from her father. There are snakes, it can kill when 1 bite.

She decided to kill herself with snake. Genie stop her and suggest that they should kill the king instead.

Emma and Sidney expose Mayor during the city council, they tell member that their mayor take money to buy land and built her private land.

Mayor explain that she use that money to build playground for Henry and children.

In other world, Genie bring box of the snakes to kill the king. king now really wish he didn’t make his wish.

After council done, Mayor ban Emma to see Henry for a while,  but she tell him that she will found his book.

In other world, after done Genie go to see queen. she tell him that now the guard is know he is the killer because the snake come from his country, he realize that he is being play by her.

He make his last wish, he wants to always see her and be together with her. He become the face in mirror.

Apparently Sidney is works with Mayor and he tell her their plan are success, now Emma completely trust him.