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Resurrection Season 1 Episode 5 Insomnia

Bellamy dream that he go to play with Jacob, there is special force come to takes him. And he can’t do anything.

At night Jacob ask his father to check his lock, he scare that someone will come to takes him away.

Bellamy go to see Celeb, he doesn’t understand why he get 2nd chance but still do this. He get news from sheriff that more FBI will come, he tell him that if they hand over the money to FBI they will not come.

Police now tear Celeb house up down, they are looking for money. Elaine is get fired from bank, she afraid that she can’t do it and she ‘s alone. Margaret said she’s not.

Tom go to see Rachel at her room, she feel not well. Sheriff try to convince Celeb to tell them where is money. So FBI doesn’t need to come. He refused to help them before they leave he said more is coming.

Bellamy go to see Elaine to tell her to him her father, if FBI come they will take him away. Tom call Margaret and tell her that he need her to help Rachel.

Margaret go to see them at her office, she ask Rachel couple questions. But she doesn’t remember much.

Elaine agree to help Bellamy and go to see Celeb in cell, he accept to her that he make her get fired. She is very upset because from start he lie to her.

Margaret tell Rachel that she’s pregnant. She ask her not to tell anyone. Elaine found something from her dad stuff, she found where he put the money.

Bellamy go to see Celeb, he seem sick he ask for water. When Bellamy turn around Celeb is disappear. When he try to explain to sheriff he is not believe.

He worry that Jacob will also disappear, he rush to him. But seem Jacob still fine.