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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 10 7:15 A.M.

Henry see a man just arrive in town last night, a man tell him that he will stay here. and the storm is coming.

Margaret go to diner very earlier, she is waiting for David. He goes to diner to takes coffee. She tell Emma that every 7:15 A.M. he will come here.

In other world, Snow see Red during the hunting. She tell him about the prince wedding. She  feel very painful.

Red tell her that Rumpelstiltskin can do unholy thing for her, she go to meet him. She wants he to make she forget him.

He make her a potion that she after drink will not remember him. He wants her hair as deal.

In shop Emma see David’s wife and Mayor, Mayor tell her should keep away from him because she pregnant.

In other world, James try to send the message to snow. Emma during walk in wood she found the bird stuck in net. She bring it to animal shelter, so she can see David.

Mayor wants Emma to check the a man last night, who’s he and why’s here. She a bit worry because he is with Henry.

In other world snow get James’ message. He ask her to see him before he marry, she disguise and sneak in the castle.

Before she can talk to him, guard cache her and put in jail. She meet Grumpy in the jail, she try every way to get out. He said he is frame, his friend come to rescue him.

Grumpy also release her, they go through the tunnel. 2 of them try to escape, one of them is hit by arrow. While they are going to kill Grumpy, she show up and stop.

Margaret is going to bring the bird to its flock, but the road is blocked. She decided to walk down, she slip and hang on the cliff. David come to rescue her on time.

He see the storm is coming, he convince her to leave. They found the empty cabin, to shelter storm.

Margaret tell him that she goes there 7.15 A.M. to see him, he laugh because he goes there for same reason to see her. She tell him that his wife is pregnant.After rain stop, Margaret release the bird to its flock.

Emma found that man at the diner, she ask him why he talked to Henry. She ask him questions, she ask about his box. He show her his box, it’s a typewriter.

In other world, the king want snow to tell James that she didn’t love him. If she does not , he will kill James. Snow has no choice but do.

Once David talk with his wife, she though that she’s pregnant, but she’s not . She want their relation works, she ask him to get help from dr. hopper.

In other world, Grumpy and his 6 friends walk Snow to their house. He stop her from use the potion, he tell her she ‘s not alone anymore. Red knows from James that they are not marry anymore.Grumpy go to tell Snow, but too late Snow takes the potion. She forget who he is.

At 7.15 A.M. in her house, Margaret sit there and stare at the clock, Emma knows why. After that Margaret goes to the diner, she meet David there and they are kiss.

Unfortunately Mayor is seeing them..