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Resurrection Season 1 Episode 4 Us Against the World

At night Celeb still on and working on the balcony, his daughter come to see him. He quote their favorite “Us Against the World”

Bellamy and Maggie are at the house of victim, he tell sheriff that Celeb must be a killer. He found the mask on his dig site.

At church Tom is help Rachel wound, she tell him that she woke up 3 days ago. He tell her she is not only one. she is very surprise that he has wife.

At night some teenage come to freak out Jacob, he has small seizure. Next day his mother ask .. to check on him, she said he’s fine. She tell her that Jacob eat a lot and doesn’t sleep.

Tom confess to his wife, he tell her that he had girlfriend before, she drove car out of bridge and die. She ask him why tell her now, he said she ‘s back.

Bellamy and Sheriff come to see Celeb, they come to ask about him. He may related to murder of Dale. They found his hammer, they will take it to check. His son tell them their gun are gone.

Tom found that Rachel is gone, at station Bellamy and Sheriff figure out that Celeb rob the armor car and take money in past.

Today Celeb first set the fire to the car, he knock down the guard at the car. Kill the guard inside, and take the money.

Bellamy and sheriff come to the scene, Celeb call his daughter that he has to go but he’ll back. Helen take Jacob to check with Maggie , she checked and seem he fine.

While Celeb is packing, his son Ray call the police. but they come too late, he escape. Bellamy thinks that Celeb may hiding somewhere.

Tom is looking for Rachel, but he can’t find her. Maggie take Jacob out for ice cream, on the way Jacob see Celeb at his dad old factory.

Bellamy and sheriff suspect that Elaine may help Celeb rob the bank, they question her about it. Gary come to station and ask sheriff who kill Dale, Maggie tell sheriff that Jacob tell her where is Celeb.

Tom found Rachel at their old place, he ask her why she could kill herself and hurt her family and him. She said she didn’t plan, she just upset because Tom is going to leave.

Police found Celeb at old factory, sheriff call him out. He walk out of factory, he say it just beginning.