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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 9 True North

At book store, Henry meet Eva and her brother. while they talk her brother sneak steal stuff in his bag. The owner is upset when found out the stuff in his bag.

In other world, Eva and her brother live with father. They help him work in wood, he gave them a compass so they won’t lost if they know north.  After they finish their work they lost in woods.

They are looking for their father, but instead they fell and broke their compass. They meet the dark queen on the way.

Mayor and Emma go to shop to pickup Henry, she ask Emma to cache them. They tell her that they want to help their parent, now they want to go home.

In other world, dark queen try to cache them. They make a way and run, but they can’t fight her magic. She cache them and she offer to help them find their father.

Emma take them to their house, after they get out the car they run away to old house. Emma follow them and found that they have no parent.

So she take them to her house, Emma discuss with Margaret how to do with them. She decided to find their father.

Emma go check their parent record but she won’t find anything. She go to see Mayor, seem the social service wants to separate them to adopt house.

In other world, dark queen show them a house of blind witch. She want them to steal something from her, she can’t enter because there is spell protected. She say the spell not work with children, she warn them when go to the house do not eat.

Henry tell Emma that their father might still in town because of curse, Nobody can leave. Emma tell Henry about his father, he’s fireman. He is died since he’s not born.

Now she has idea how to find their father. She ask them if they have something belong to their father, she will be able to find him. they give her the compass,

In other world, they sneak in witch house. They found a lot of food, while his sister take what queen want. He eat her food, she wake up and lock them in the house.

Emma go to see Mr.Gold and ask about the compass. He tell her that their father bought it from him. He has record of purchase, it’s belong to Tilman.

Emma found Tilman, he works at garage, he accept that he knows their mother. But they are not his kid. She show him the compass, he said he lost it almost a year.

He say that he can’t be a father. Emma discuss with Margaret how to do, Mayor come to tell her that she has to send kids to Boston.

In other world, kids are captured.  While witch try to cook her, she steal her key. And release her brother, both of them put her in the oven.

They make way back to dark queen, with object they steal. It’s an apple, she wants to use it on Snow.

They ask her about the promise to find their father, but instead of help them she wants them to stay with her.

They refuse her, dark queen send them to the far way wood, the truth is dark queen prison their father. she ask him why his kid refuse her. After she get his answer she is upset. She send their father to somewhere else far from the wood.

With no choice Emma has send them to Boston as mayor asked, during the way her car is down. She call their father to pick them up.