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NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 9 Chasing Ghosts

A car is chasing by police, soon it corner at the festival block. The driver run into the building, he climb up high and higher.  Then he failed off the building.

King and team go to check the scene, the victim is burglar. He steal some stuff and navy gun. after check the gun, the gun belong to navy Jacob.

He’s dead since 40 years ago, killer kill him and stole his gun. King go to see Jacob’s family, to ask permission to reopen the case.

While King waiting for get Jacob’s body, the court stop him to do that. Brody and Chris found that gun has evidence link to Bridget member.

They go to see leader of Bridget at his house, 3 of them are running. They cache them all. After question him he said he just has a fight with Jacob, but it’s not explain why his gun is in his house and stolen.

From old evidence, seem it’s not possible that he killed Jacob. King found another evidence that link to to Senator’s father Tom.

King go to see Tom and ask him about this, he refused. King tell senator that he know that it’s senator who stop him from get Jacob’s body.

King ask the warrant from a new judge, he’s able to get Jacob’s body. After autopsy they found that Jacob’s hit by blunt object, and killer sell gun to someone.

In lab they found someone blood on the gun, so killer cut himself when use gun kill him.

King go to get DNA from senator’s father, he refused but King get his hair from senator. They are not match with DNA from gun. They rethink again probably it’s because Jacob’s brother and his friend.

From handwriting compare from Jacob’s journal, they found out that it’s belong to Jacob’s friend.

After they question him, he confess that he kill him because they fight over Jacob’s wife. He said it’s accident.