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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 7 The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

Since Emma try to avoid Graham while they meet at bar, he following her to explain. He surprising kiss her while he does he see some vision about hunter and wolf. Emma is very upset and leave him, He goes back to mayor’s house and make out with her.

In other world, Snow just lost her father. Dark queen is try to comfort her. Once she back to her room with her magic mirror. She plan to hire the assassin to kill Snow.

In wood the huntsman sorry to kill a deer, he meet the lonely wolf in wood. Graham wake up during the night on Mayor’s bed.

He leave during the night, and he see that lonely wolf again on street. He follow the wolf into the wood, he meet Mr. Gold. He said the dream is a memory of other life.

In other world, Graham with wolf go into some diner. The other huntsman try to kill him so he kill them first. The dark queen found him from the mirror, she wants he to be assassin.

Graham cache up with the wolf in wood, once he touch it. he see some vision about Snow. He go to see Margaret tell her about that.

In other world, dark queen ask the huntsman to kill Snow for her. she ask what he wants, he said he wants the wolf are protected.

Graham ask Margaret he suspicious how they met, both of them are not remember. He ask if he hurt her, she says no.

In other world, huntsman walk Snow into the wood. She aware that dark queen send him to kill her. she hit him and running.

At station, Mayor come to see Emma to ask her stay away from Graham, while he going to see Henry for help.

In other world, huntsman found Snow, she give him the letter for dark queen. She ready to die,  suddenly huntsman change his mind and let her go.

Henry explain Graham that if Margaret is Snow then he’s huntsman, he is raise by the wolf. He tell him that after he spare Snow, queen rip his heart and keep in vault.

After done he meet Emma outside, she try to convince him that he’s sick. Then both of them see wolf, they following it to the cemetery.

They found it at front of the grave with same mark the wolf point to, they go inside. In other world, once huntsman go back to dark queen. He lies to her that he killed her, he read her letter. She is very upset about content, she take the heart from him and lock it in vault.

Mayor found them at the grave, Graham break up with her. Mayor blame Emma for her lost, Emma tell her she lost because of herself.

Mayor start fight with her, Graham break them apart. After they left, Mayor go inside the grave, there is hidden passage inside the grave.

In other world, dark queen take out huntsman’s heart and lock away in the vault. Mayor go down to the underground, she get the box of huntsman heart from same vault. she squeeze it to dust, Graham is die.