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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 6 The Shepherd

Tonight David is go back home after stay in hospital for so long, there is a party in his house. Emma and Henry is there to celebrate him too.

He meet Emma and ask about Margaret, she tell him she can’t make it. Mayor try to convince his wife to stay with him. But she feel he doesn’t return back yet. David go to see Margaret at her house, she try to avoid him.

In other world, Price David is fighting with a warrior. He win and kill him. His father wants him to slay the dragon, while he’s discussing. A warrior stab him from behind and he’s dead.

His father see the Imp and want the deal with him, to bring his son back. He will give him anything. Imp tell him that he can’t revive the dead. But Imp tell the king that he can use his twin brother to kill dragon.

Emma go to visit Margaret. she ask about party why she’s not attend. At house David is looking at his photo and his wife.

In other world, David’s mother try to get him marriage with merchant’s daughter. He refuse, he wants to get true love. Imp come to get him to the king.

While Margaret is confusing sit at the diner, Mayor come and accuse Margaret for ruining David’s marriage life.

In other world, Prince David’s solider is preparing to slay dragon. His solider tell him not worry because he will be outside while they kill the dragon.

The soldiers go there are in trouble, Prince David rush to help them out. The dragon is attacking at him, he lure him to the narrow stone. He cut his head.

David follow Margaret to her school, he try to get her understand. She try very hard to stay from him, He said he will left his wife.

Margaret go to Emma to ask her opinion, she is very excite. At night David is waiting for a time to see Margaret.

In other world, his father wants he to marriage Midas’s daughter. Otherwise he will kill him and his mother. he has no choice but accept.

David sneak out to see Margaret at toll bridge, but he lost the way. Mayor point him in wrong direction. David pass Mr. Gold shop, he ask him about the way. but while he’s in shop David found something was belong to him.

In other world, David go to say good bye to his mother. he tell her about marriage. She agree with him that he should be able to choose.

David meet Margaret at toll bridge, he tell her that now he remember everything. He can’t now leave his wife, Margaret is very disappoint.

At house David go back to see his wife, he tell her he will make it work.