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NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 7 watch over me

The navy driver get runoff by another car, he crash his car to construction site .He die on impact, while people on street watch him.

King go to check the crime scene, they found that driver is too hurry to get in car. They trace his car back to his home.

They found the break in, they get another body shot to dead in bathroom.

They found that she is the victim’s assistant, they think she has an affair with him. So his wife hire someone to kill both of them.

King question victim’s wife and ask about it, she is very upset. Brody and Chris go to ask around at her workplace, Brody found the assistant ‘s lover, she said he has no affair.

In autopsy, they found some tracking device in the body of victim. So noway that his wife can do this.

King go to check the another work place of victim, they told King that every employee there risk their life from all terrorist.

They trace the evidence and found that he was at the bar, they found that victim argue with someone. King go to check at his wife house, he see the car that crash the victim at front of the house.

He found some one take her hostage, King go inside and help her. The killer escape with that car.

His wife tell King that her husband has appointment with man name Shang, he’s his colleague.

Shang used to work in company that victim worked, but he get fired because try to sell out secret.

From victim’s computer, they found the victim make download some secret information before he died.

They found body of Shang, he’s killed by drown in water. There is another attempt to kill victim’s wife again, he can escape again.

Brody and Chris found the small sd card in the evidence, they found the evidence that victim and Shang try to notify the error of his company product.

But one of the manager hire the head of their security to kill them to cover the story.