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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 5 That Still Small Voice

A local puppet show are parents and a kid, while parent are showing with loud voice, the kid steal from audience.

Emma get the job as new deputy at sheriff station,  after she accept there is a huge bomb happen.

They found the old mine tunnel collapse. Mayor wants to pave and close it. Henry think Mayor try to hide something.

Mayor is very upset and threaten to Henry’s Doctor Archie. She ask her to get rid all of nonsense imagine voice from Henry’s head. otherwise he will fired.

That kid of local puppet show is become the Henry’s doctor in present, he doesn’t want to steal and wants to leave. But his parent beg him not to, his voice is ignore. He has no choice but stay.

Archie make appointment with Henry, he tell Henry that his imagination is not true. He has to stop, Henry is upset and leave.

Emma go to see Archie, he said he has no choice. Then Mayor call Emma because Henry’s missing. Archie think Henry is going to the mine.

In past once he trade his goods with Imp finish, he tell Imp that he wants to free from his parent. He give Archie the potion.

Archie found Henry in the mine, but while he’s in mine. The mine is starting to collapse. Archie and Henry are trapped in mine.

In past Archie and parents make rumor about plague. They trick town people and steal their money.

Archie decided to stop his parent, he use Imp potion on his parents, but they trick him and give to the town people. It changed them to the puppet.

He hear Henry’s voice and follow him to the deep of mine, Henry thinks he see something. He tell him that they both trap underground.

He found the old elevator, while Mayor wants to use bomb to blow the tunnel to open. But it doesn’t work.

Archie’s dog found the air shack, they lift it open.  They found the elevator, Emma go down to take them up.

Archie fight back to Mayor, he will treat Henry with his way. In past  Archie wish to the fairy, that he wants to be a cricket. He’s jimmy the cricket.