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NCIS New Orleans Season 1 Episode 6 Master of Horror

In Halloween night, the girl in cat woman dress and a man in skeleton drees go to make out at the grave yard. They found a horror dress girl unconscious lay down on floor. she tell them devil do this to her.

Next day King check her body, she is the judge that he used to work with. She has 2 horror bites mark on her neck and died with blood lost.

Brody and Chris go to her work place, her colleague said that she has the appointment in the retirement party.

From the autopsy, King found the bite marks is not source of blood lost. They fond that she is cut and drug and cut open and stole her kidney.

After get the guest list of party, they found nothing suspicious. But they found the footage that her colleague following her that night.

Brody and Chris go to ask him about it, he accepted that he followed her. But leave her soon later, they go to the place where last he see her.

They follow her trace and found the storage where they found another body in freezer. He’s also navy, they found her kidney in his body.

After check, Chris found that both of them works on sex assault case of Naville and John, they are looking for her before the killer does.

King go to ask her parent seem she missing for days, he go to see John to ask him about dead body and missing Naville.

While Chris found her car abandon with blood and unknown while powder in her car. They found that blood belong to John.

They think she still alive, they go to see John again. They cache him before run, they search his house to find her.

They question him and ask where he capture her but he won’t say. From the blood in her car, they found that some body might plant it. They think his son did it.

They question his son, he refused that he doesn’t know. He ask to make a lie test and he can pass lie test. So they think he probably has 2 personality.

King and Brody act to bring him another personality, they success get him out. He tell them her whereabouts, they found her tie up and lock down under the storage floor.

They rescue her on time, she’s still alive.