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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 10 Reign Fall

A thief who try to get in the house, he get caught on bomb trap at front door and fall.

Granger ask NCIS to check the case because the house is belong to CIA agent. the thief actually is the paparazzi who has problem about NBA’s player.

Deek and Kensi go to see NBA’s player, while Sam and Callen go to check crime scene.

Apparently NBA’s player is Deek’s friends, seem his alibi is ok, Sam and Callen talk to CIA’s agent. They also pickup her husband and their son.

After investigate Nell found there are another murder with other marine, and all of them has kids in military school.

As the killer stalk all victim and kill them. They plan to put the CIA’s husband in usual routine, and lure the killer.

They try expose him on street cafe, they notice a suspicious man. He lure him to start his action. but it’s wrong guy, while he’s not careful there is a car try to run on him.

They stop the car and cache him, he was the cadet dropout from military school too. seem he’s not mastermind, he said the next victim is coming.

Someone order him to do, look like he has older brother. He also abused by his stepfather. After talk to their mother, they found his older brother.

They go to see his brother but they get attacked. They finally corner him, Sam found he is building the bomb.

They trick him to get the next target from him, they are going to stop him. They got his father, but his son is on the way home.

Sam could safe his son in a second after bomb, both of them safe.