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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 8 The Grey man

At night some drunken men try to pick fight with homeless, unfortunately they met the grey man. He beat them down but he is abducted by men in mask.

Later LAPD found him dead in some alley, apparently he’s former CIA. Granger wants team to check and found the clue, he’s the grey man, who can adapt in any environment.

After breif, Callen and Sam go to check the crime scene, they found some link to sushi shop in city. Kensi and Deek go there to check, they found him in the shop  photo wall.

They found that victim is on the operations, but they still don’t know from whom. Seem Granger hide something, he block Callen’s team from this case, and go out without inform anyone.

Granger goes to meet Barnes at ice cream shop, but he escapes from Granger. But Sam and Callen are waiting, they ask him about Grey man.

At park where victim was there, Deeks disguise as homeless try to ask information around, but nobody remember the victim.

While interrogation Barnes tell them that he is going to turn victim in, but he dead before. Kensi and Deeks found the woman that has contact with victim.

To get more close, Callen and Sam disguise as DEA, trick her and grab her for question. She told them that she just working with them, by steal the document for Cartel.

Later they found that they are target one of prosecutor Turner, Sam and Team go to rescue him from hostage in his house.

After rescue,  they found that Cartel wants Turner to be a assassin exchange for girl he loves.

At DEA’s office, they found Turner gun at one of the Cartel informant, he said if he didn’t kill him, they will kill his girl. Callen and Sam go there to stall him.

Because Deeks and Kensi found the place where they hostage Turner’s girl. Sam and Callen tell Turner about victim, that he’s his father. And he died to protect him.

Finally Deeks and Kensi get plan to get rid of hostage, and get Turner’s girl back.