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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 3 Snow Falls

From past, while prince escort some princess, they get ambush and thief by Snow white.

Back In now, Snow is dating with some guy. but seem not works. Snow found out that Emma sleep in her car.

At workplace of Snow, Prince is still in coma. Henry try to convinced Emma that he’s her father. And he want Snow to read him the book, hope that he will wake up.

At night Snow read him the book, suddenly he grab her hand. Mayor ask doctor to report if there is status change about him.

To the past again, Snow is captured by Prince, he wants her to return what she stole. if she is not cooperate he will hand her back to the queen. When she tried to escape, she met the queen’s hunter.

Luckily Prince come to help her on time from them.  She lead him to the Troll’s place to get his ring back. But Troll found that she’s Snow white and want to sell her. While Prince is in trouble, Snow white changed them to bug and safe Prince. They are starting to fall in love.

Back to present, Prince is wake up and gone in to the wood. Sheriff, Snow and Emma go to the wood to find him. They found him at the river unconscious, Snow wake him by CPR.

Unfortunately his fiance is show up, and thank her for save him. Emma suspect his finance and the mayor may have some plan together.