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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 9 Traitor

In NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 9 Traitor, One night a car running toward at the gang while they are talking, the car crash and flip. Granger is in the car.

Next day Callen and Sam go to check the crash site, they don’t know how he can drive too fast and no reason to this direction. They start to think may be they have a traitor.

While Deek and Kensi go to check Granger in hospital, he wake up and has  a panic seizure.  The doctor found that he’s poison with wolfbane.

At the office they found the wolfbane on Kensi’s desk, She said she don’t know it before. They found trace of poison at Granger’s work place.

Kensi want Hetty to evacuate, but she refused because the traitor who did will escape. Instead she lock the whole building down.

After check they found 3 people not at work, one of them is Granger’s assistant. Callen and Sam go to check her house, they found her unconscious.

Nell found that someone deposit  Eric a huge money, look like someone try to frame him now.

Hetty ask Nell to prepare the polygraph machine, and ask to start by her. When Eric try to find the source of money, someone got another deposit too.

Kensi and Deek go to check the room, they found someone suicide, Eric and some people is questions about their money they get.

While Callen and Sam go to check house of one just suicide. But Deek found that she is not suicide but strange before.

Callen found the botany house at her house, include wolfbane. Deek and Kensi ask the suspect for DNA so they can compare it with body.

The traitor is among the group there, he grab Eric as hostage. He locked Kensi and Deek in the room and escape.

He threaten Eric to get him out of here otherwise he will kill him.  Eric lead him to the outside through old storage room.

At there they trap and cache him, he so confidence that he’s more valuable than in jail. But Callen know this trick and do another thing he unexpected instead.