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NCIS Season 12 Episode 8 Semper Fortis

In NCIS Season 12 Episode 8 Semper Fortis, 3 teenagers drive their car during the night, they get the accident. One of them die, the others have serious injured.

Gibbs and team go there to check the scene, they found there is a girl “Anna” help them before EMT come.

Anna is also a navy, they arrest her because illegal practice medical treatment.  Ducky found the victim dead because full of blood internally.

Dinozzo and Bishop go to question the other in hospital, he remember that they out run them  off road by another car.

Gibbs go to question the girl who help them, she said to wait EMT come it will be too late. He takes her out of the custody.

Abby found the hit color at the back of the car, they can find the car register to it. They go to see the owner of silver truck “David”, but his truck is missing.

Gibbs takes Anna to see his friend lawyer, she will help her case. Gibbs found that the truck owner and one of the survivor had a fight.

Bishop and Mcgee go to see David again, but look like he’s on run now. They found his car park in the lot, he’s shot to dead.

Duck found the he actually die because the hit at his head not the gun shot. Abby found the DNA from the weapon, it’s belong to another navy. He works on same auto shop as David.

With help from all survivor parents, Anna’s charge is dropped.