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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 6 SEAL Hunter

During way to work, Sam is arrested for murder by FBI because a woman is get killed and they think it’s Sam.

Deek and Keinsi go to the crime scene to find more evidence. Callen also go to ask information from FBI, they found Sam’s DNA on victim.

They found the footage, they see someone look like Sam, enter the victim house.  Deek and Kensei go to check restaurant the victim visit, seem she’s with Ray turner the navy seal.

Deek and Kensi sneak in to Ray turner’s house, after interview him to see that he’s clean.

With the help from Granger and FBI, Sam is released. They follow Ray to his boat, fortunately Ray is not in boat while it blew up with bomb.

Actually Ray is checking on North, because he think North’s fake SEAL and the victim know he’s not. So she get killed. Sam know North from past, he really looks like Sam.

Sam and Callen go to check North’s work place, they found one of North’s colleague is destroying evidence. Deek get the help to be able to trap North, they lure him out at the park. They could get North and his colleague