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NCIS Season 12 Episode 7 The Searchers

2 Searchers kid get in old garage, they found a body lie on the floor.

Next day NCIS go to check his body in the garage, he’s old marine. Gibbs see he has something in his hand.

They found that dog-tag belong to old navy who killed 45 years ago in war. They found old navy’s daughter.

She knows the victim since she is a baby. She tell him that victim is the searchers try to find her father.

But Abby found the dog-tag is fake, victim try to get it before he died. The victim also use a lot of Private Investigator.

Until now at viewnam, they found nothing that link to missing old navy.  They found an envelop link to Travel agency. Dinozzo and Mcgee go to check them.

Gibbs and Bishop go to question one who make fake dog-tag, he run off and escape.

After mistake, Bishop found that he has to take his insulin at pharmacy, Dinozzo and Mcgee go there and wait him.

Gibbs knows from him that his partner may kill the victim. His partner is works at travel agency.

They are following him to vietnam, Bishop want to find the old missing navy there, she found the trace of him. But Gibbs refused she to go.

They found his partner at his girlfriend house, they also found the body of old missing navy.

Apparently a vietnam residence move and bury him near his house. They found his remains and send back to his home.