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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 9 …Ye Who Enter Here

Skye has a scary dream that she enter in a room with strange box, once she open it she lost her arm.

Coulson and Team are plan to enter the city they found from satellite.  He plan to blow it before Hydra who has obelisk use it there.

While Reina is in the trouble, she is chasing by Hydra. Shield’s Agent rescue her on time.  Coulson split them to 2 team one to rescue Reina, the other to go to destroy the city.

Skye fight Agent 33 while she escort Reina, finally they could knock her down. Reina tell Skye that she can touch the obelisk.

Coulson and Bobby meet her informant to found the entry point is under the fort, they try to get in.

Once Mack hit the bottom, he touch the floor. He’s become violent and attack. They manage to knock him down the hole again.

After they rescue Reina, while they are on sky. Hydra come to get Reina, Ward come to get by himself. He also want Skye too, if they refuse they will shot down.  But while hall disagree and want to shoot them down too.