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NCIS Season 12 Episode 6 Parental Guidance Suggested

While Kertis is walk Rachel and  Benjamin back home, try to parental him while talk with Rachel. She found her mother die at home.

Almost the Halloween Bishop try to avoid Abby’s Halloween party, Dinozzo and Mcgee try to warn her the consequence. She get no agreement with her husband about the costume.

At house Ducky found that she is shot in house during night, Mcgee question Kertis. He’s a babysit for Rachel while her mom works.

They are looking for her husband, Gibbs found from Rachel that her father is being target by terrorist.

Gibbs try to get more info about her family from Rachel whlie she is at NCIS.  Mcgee plan trap to lure out the terrorist web master, but apparently they get another Agency instead.

Apparently one of them worked with Dinozzo before, they found that web master already captured for months.

Husband’s victim come to pick up his daughter. Dinozzo found that victim is a doctor, she treated Burton the serial killer.

They go question him in prison, he knows that she’s killed. Look like he has another partner outside.

Abby found the bullet in victim’s belong to Kertis, he refused. He said he has his gun in victim’s safe.

After check her husband, Bishop found he has a training near his house. She and Dinozzo go to take him in. He’s not there.

They track him with Rachel’s phone, he confess that he kill her. They found that Rachel is abuse by someone, Gibbs found that Rachel is sociopath.

Rachel admit that she’s one who injured herself so her father could come back. She hate how her mother try parental her.