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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 8 The Things We Bury

White hall is testing obelisk on Hydra’s prisoner, one man failed but they found a young woman success. Before he could continue exam her, he heard the Red skull is bury.

White hall talk with Skye’s father, he explain that obelisk only kill who is not qualify. He said he can make it as the great weapon.

To find the city in the map, Coulson is head to Taihiti, May is guarding the head quarter. While Bobby try to question the Hydra operative.

Ward found and capture Christian his brother, Coulson and team are at Taihiti. Summers found some old document about Hydra link While hall and Reinhard.

White hall found that obelisk is divider will choose who die, who live. Ward take his brother to his old house, his brother tell him that he’s manage to help him out.

They argue about the well that they kill Thomas, after that event their parent bury it.  He asked him to dig the hole to find the old well.

From old documents Simmons found that white hall and Reinhard is the same person.  While Bobby question , the Hydra’s operative try to suicide.

Finally Christian admit that he wants Thomas his brother die, because he jealous of him.

Coulson plan to plant the EMP bomber on US Satellite, Once it’s down they will use one at Australia instead. There his team is ready.

But his plan is not go well, there are ambush at Australia base too. They still continue their plan, Trip is get shot. They met Skye’s father there but they don’t aware at first, he’s try to help Trip.

But during the help, he slip. Coulson aware of him but he threaten them with Trip’s life. They have no choice but let him go. They success  get access the satellite, they want to use it to find the city from the alien map.

After Ward kill brother along with his family and he go to join white hall. There he also meet Skye’s father. The truth reveal that the Whitehall kill Skye’s mother And her father knows that.