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NCIS Season 12 Episode 4 Choke Hold

While patrol, 2 officers found woman is dying in the park. She is research of Navy science.  Gibbs and Team go to check at crime scene, she found head cut with motorized garrote in the ambulance.

Dr. Havana,he is the boss of her, he said she is working on laser technology, he recruit her since she is student at moscow.

At lab, Abby found the residue of glass in the motorized garrote.

In the meeting with the secretary of Navy, Moscow and Gibbs about victim. Moscow want to find the missing scientist Benin who know the victim.  seem she is the murderer.

Mcgee found evidence that Benin is in the airport, while victim is attacked. They found her at the Bar, seem Benin want to flee. Benin is following by Russian killer, but she could escape.

Because Sergei want Benin to join him, but she refuse. So he send the killer to kill her and old partner.

Russia aware that NCIS has Benin, and they threaten NCIS to give her back. During the way to send Benin to the airport, she is attacked. But Dinozzo and Mcgee is on time, then she’s suicide.

Russia try to come to pickup Benin by himself, Benin is stage to shot to dead at front of them.