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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 7 The Writing on the Wall

An artist, she go home with a man she found at bar, he has all alien map tattoo on his body. He is going to kill her. Coulson is writing on the wall again, Skye come in tell him that she can’t find any map fit to this.

Coulson wants May to track down Ward, he show up at the bus station. But seem he aware, he bind himself with explosive.

They found that the victim was Shield agent too, they go to check her apartment. They found her paint about alien map.

Coulson found that she draw some piece map that he don’t have.  They got her body and Simmons going to autopsy.

While Ward try to leave with bus station,  he met Boby on the bus. he is trying to make a friend with Boby, but he notice her as an agent.

He threaten to bomb all bus if they follow, he changed the bus but Hunter is already on.

After autopsy Simmons found that the killer also has GH-325 in his blood too, same as victim, Coulson and Skye.

Coulson want to use the memory machine from Reina, to get information from his brain. He go back to the past while he questions the victim after she volunteer in the project.

In memory he saw that all the volunteer writing the alien map, they gone crazy. Finally  sheild decide to remove their memory.

Hunter follow Ward until to the bar, he meeting the Hydra operator. Ward offer to give Coulson to White hall.

Coulson remember Derik, seem he’s the one who want to know what’s map mean. Coulson get  activated and start to crazy. May ask Skye to lock him down, while she not careful.

He lock her in cage instead and leave. He’s going after the other patient brain. He wants the missing piece from them, but Derik knock him down.

May and team found the Hydra operator instead of Ward. Derik capture Coulson and other patient. He said if he get pain he will remember more. He start to tortue Coulson.

The other patient can escape, he could help Coulson escape. Coulson’s now fighting with Derik, he force him to look down his 3D model.

After look down, they knows what is a map mean, it’s 3D of city model.