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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 4 Face my enemy

In this episode “Face my enemy”, the priest found alien writing in the painting.

Hunter give skye the information, while Coulson and May infiltrate in the party of Gabriel Soto, they try to get the painting from him.

They meet talbot at the party, he agree not to blow their cover yet. After they get Soto’s credential, they go to down to find the painting.

Seem talbot already has it, so  this party is a trap ?, Talbot is working with Hydra. Coulson agree to work with Talbot to see what’s he hiding.

May going to check if the meeting with Talbot is a trap, she get attacked by Agent 33 and fake talbot. Agent 33 is faking May’s face try to trap Coulson.

Luckly Coulson could see the wrong with fake May, and May can escape to help Coulson. She could get rid the fake and get her face back.

Now the plane is going down because Hydra’s virus, Fitz help the other to fix it.

After check painting, the alien writing is new, it means there is someone else like Coulson, they have to find him.

Hyrdra threaten Reina to hand over the obelisk within 48 hours.