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NCIS Season 12 Episode 5 The San Dominick

Bishop is in a training exercise, but she’s failed. She’s so upset, she meet Borin outside the training. She tell her not to worry, Bishop wonder why she failed.

She said She did everything by procedure, Dinozzo tell her she must use head and heart.

They found the body in the sea, Joe he’s member of San Dominick. Bishop notice that the victim must be in fight.

They also found San Dominick off its course, Gibbs, Dinozzo and Borin now going after it.

While Bishop go back to land, still upset about the exercise, Mcgee tell her that nobody pass because it set not to pass. Except Gibbs.

Gibss and Borin go to ask question the captain of the ship. But they  found Captain is stabbed but he’s not aware that.

Ducky found the body is not belong to Joe, Gibbs check his communication room on boat. They found it’s sabotage. Gibbs suspect something he ask the other man leave the room while he question the other.

Abby found out that the real body is a pirate, that mean the ship is full of pirate.

With hostage Pirate capture Gibbs along with crews, he try to find out where they capture the rest of crew.

Gibbs ask the man in charge to answer the communication, get the ransom and get off.

Mcgee and Bishop go to check the Joe’s house, they found him dead.

Dinozzo and Borin try to stall him, but Pirate take Gibbs to the deck. While he don’t careful, Gibbs knock him down.

Gibbs tie him and ask him the question, seem their goal is to get ransom from ship company. He wants to know the real leader and the other 6th man.

Bishop think there is a person who plan whole thing smart, Gibbs could take control of the ship back.

While check the 6th pirate, Gibbs found the bomb on the ship. 6th pirate is pointing gun at the injured officer. He convinced them to give up.

He tell them that they are tricked to take a fall on ship, someone take the money from the cartel.  Dinozzo found the captain is the one who plan all of this.