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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 6 A Fractured House

While Talbot is convinced the UN committee that Shield is fractured and corrupt, the Hydra who disguise as Agent of Shield is come and kill people in UN committee.

After Coulson knows, he send his agent to check and find next target. Senator Christian, he’s ward’s brother try to convince the world that Shield should down.

Coulson tell his shield branch to lay low and hide. Skye go to ask Ward about his brother, but she also wants to know about her father.

At meantime Boby, May and Hunter go to see Toshi, he’s working on Hydar’s weapon branch. Boby go to ask him about info about weapon they use to attack UN.

Toshi discover that Boby is shield, so he is try to kill her. May and Hunter come to help. They are heading to Belgium to see another man.

Coulson secretly go to see Christian, he tell him that he has Ward is custody and it’s bad for his next election.

Skye ask Ward about Christian, he said his brother is worst than him, Christian explain another opposite story to Coulson. Ward tell story about Skye’s family, her father and her mother.

Coulson is going to exchange Ward with his brother and order to stop destroy shield.

Simmons tell Coulson that his shield branch is in danger, also his team that he send to rescue the branch.

While Hydra killed all agent at branch, the rescue team is there. They found the team that kill at UN. They can capture them all, and give them to Talbot.

At UN Christian announce that his brother is Hydra, he tell that it’s Hydra that attack the UN. And he will punish his brother for what he did.

During the transportation, Ward escape.