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Intruder Season 1 Episode 8  There Is No End

At Queens, New York in 1931, Bric the musician and his wife Rose was together in pub. He’s starting to sick, later 2 weeks Bric is dying. Rose is do the resurrection to him success before he died. The No end is begin.

At present, after he jump from the roof, Jack try to help but it’s too late. Jack go inside and found Todd is breeding. Jack found the secret tunnel underground, lead to secret room.

Marcus is follow behind Jack. During this time he remember that it’s Rose who kill him. But he could resurrect because shepherd help him, that’s how no end of Marcus begin.

Now Jack found the library, where seem no end happen for a long time. He found all notes, all keys for every resurrection.

Jack meet the group of no one include Rose, preparing the body. He decide to burn whole library. after fire all no end group  escape include Richard and Rose.

While escape Richard try to kill Madison, but he miss and knock her down. While unconscious Madison could get her body back from Marcus. Rose found that Brix is gone.

At hospital Jack meet Madison to check that Marcus is really gone. He met a girl who is resurrect from a man he killed.

In Days later, Richard come to see Jack at home. He wants Jack become member of no end group.