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Kamen Rider Drive Season 7 How Was That Decisive Moment Captured?

A photographer captured the moment whole building down, while special unit can’t find the evidence in the building.

After visit his friend, Tomari is followed by the reporter, he wants the news about Kamen Rider. Tomari go to check the crime scene, that reporter follow him there too.

While they are checking the building they found the roidmud there. With wild type, Kamen Rider could chase it away. This roidmud has ability to captured the object and can remove part from picture, it can make building collapse.

They get evidence that there is another reporter involve in this, because it’s too convenience that he could be at right time right place.

After they found the next target building, they going to stop it. They found the another reporter is there, he works with Roidmuds. While he’s beat him, the Reaper come and stop Kamen Rider.

Kamen Rider is beaten badly again, while he’s going to finish him, Koriko come stand to between them.