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Grimm Season 1 Episode 22 Woman in Black

Nick is worry about Hank because he see these creature. Monroe  said he might feel the same way when Nick see a woman transform. Somebody following them and take their picture, he works for Akira.

Akira arrive at portland, he kill his investigator after he get all information.

Adalind poison her cat with something, she take her to Juliette. It scratch her hand, this cat has something wrong.

Police found the body of investigator, he found that he watching over Nick and captain Sean.

Akira break into Sean’s apartment, he torture him and ask him about coins. He already know that Kolt has not, he is going to kill him.

Wu comes to check Sean, but he get no answer. He call Nick and Hank, when they arrive Akira escape.

Nick and Monroe wants to capture Akira alive, so he can ask him about his parent. Nick come home and found that Juliette is scratch by Adalind’s cat.

He is freak out, but she’s not believe what he said. He’s going to tell her the truth, Nick bring her to her aunt’s trailer.

He try to explain her about creature, monster, the Grimm. She is not believe him at all. No choice he take her to see Monroe, but she pass out before she see Monroe transform. They take her to hospital.

Wu found Akira’s place, but he’s not there. He also meet the suspicious woman in his room. She beat them and escape.

Nick finally found Adalind’s cat, he take her to Rosalie. They are checking what’s wrong with cat.

Akira is check at Hank’s house when Hank is there he goes. but the suspicious woman is there and escape without his notice.

Nick trying to find Adalind, he found the milk that he give to her cat.  While Akira is at Nick’s house, Nick go home and fight with him.

While Nick fighting with him, the suspicious woman is there too. She kill Akira and tell Nick that she’s his mother.