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Kamen Rider Drive Season 6 Who Does the Warrior Fight For?

Kamen Rider warrior is going to loose, Kiriko help him with Vegas. He could escape them, the amburance car come to help. It cure him and remove all poison, with extremely painful.

At hospital he’s awake, they go to check the transport company president. The Public security come to interrupt and release him.

They shutdown the special unit, while the steel robbers are at the transport company. Now they need the warrior.

The truck driver who is safe by Kamen Rider see the Steel Robbers is there trying to kill the president.

After investigate the special unit also found the public safety is paid by the truck president to quiet down.

Kamen Rider meet the Reaper again, now this time he can use wild type. He beat the Reaper down, and go to help the president.

One of the Steel robber transform himself to big snake, he attack Kamen rider. He fight back by transform the car to 4 wheels drive car and kill him.

He beat up the last steel robber with his new power.