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Grimm Season 1 Episode 21 Big Feet

The explorer Dave is looking for big feet in the wood with his buddy, he found something and He is killed in the wood.

The horse ranch owner heard something, he see something try to kill his horse. He shot it and chase it away. He ask Juliette to cure his horse, she found some hair and trace of big feet print near the fence.

They follow the print and found a body in the wood, she call Nick to come to see. They found their video tape and Dave’s partner, she alive. From footage they saw a big man kill Dave.

Same night Monroe found Larry. He’s shot at the Leg, Monroe call Nick and tell him about Larry.

Monroe Nick Larry has problem to control his surge, that may be make him a big feet. At same time the police dogs are following his scent and direct to his house.

Monroe run from his house as decoy, he running into the wood and chase away the dogs.

Once he come back home and tell Nick that Hank may be see him, Larry wake up and remove something from his neck and then die.

They put him in the wood where he chase the dogs. Monroe tell him that Larry may seeing the doctor.

Nick go to ask him about Larry, seem he cure Larry few times.  Hank call Nick and tell him that he found the killer’s body in the wood.

A homeless man is attacked by creature like Larry, he could kill it. Nick go to the scene, he see there is something on his neck same as Larry.

Juliette check the hair she found, she also found that hair is not belong to human. Monroe go to ask around, he learn that before Larry died he tell other that he’s cure.

Monroe tell Nick that there are 4 persons that treat with the same doctor, now 2 of them are dead.

He call the 3rd person, that already dead. Monroe go to ask the doctor, but the doctor is going out of control and berserk. he’s using his cure to but seem not working.

He transform and attacking Monroe, but Nick come to stop him. He running away in town and kill people. He go to in the theater and kidnap a woman.

Nick and Hank following him there, Hank shot him dead. Hank see his face transform back before die.