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Haven Season 1 Episode 13 Spiral

Audrey has a very spiral idea that she may be the woman in the picture, she meet a man Max just out from prison.

Max start to go to see Dave, he’s really scare. Max also go to see Garland, Nathan’s father. Garland ask him to leave the town ASAP, seem Max is the one who can make the things crack.

Max also go to see Duke, he said he come to collect money for John. Duke go to see Audrey warn her about man in tattoo.

Audrey found him at the gull, she ask if he kill the colorado kid. He seems not accept, before left he got the hot coffee spilled on.

Look like he didn’t feel anything, Audrey link him to Nathan. She’s right, Max go to see Nathan.

After Audrey tell Nathan about that, He go to confront Garland. Garland tell Nathan that he’s not his father and Max is.

While Max is on the road , the crack in running after him, he fell in the crack. Nathan suspect Duke, he go to ask him at the gull.

Garland, Dave and Vince talking about Max dying.  They are worry about Max’s friend. Nathan ask around about Max, he and Audrey think that Garland is the one who kill Max.

Now they are looking for Garland, Julie show Duke the grave with tattoo he’s afraid.

Finally with Nethan’s help, they found Garland on the beach, he confess that he’s one who make the crack. He try to kill himself to stop his ability.

At before he almost lost his control, he warn Audrey that not everyone like her back. He explode.