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Grimm Season 1 Episode 19 Leave It to Beavers

At construction site, Beaver likes creature is try to negotiate with another creature, he failed he get killed by cement. Another beaver Arnold is see the whole event, he can escape from killer.

Nick found his body in next day, they found Arnold in his house. Nick found his photo along with another Beaver that used to come to his house.

Nick go to check the victim’s company, seem he has problem with inspector. Victim doesn’t want to pay the inspector. They go to check the inspector, he’s the killer.

Nick also see his face transform, he go to see the other that used to fixed his refrigerator. He tell him that usually all construction company need to pay some fee to inspector.

Beavers make a discuss and meeting to decide Arnold should go forward, While Inspector plan to kill Nick, he wants to hire reapers.

Nick go to see the beaver at the lodge. He wants them to corporate, so they can fight back. finally seem they afraid to do.

After inspector called 2 reapers come in town, they torture inspector because think that he’s friend of Grimm. Inspector lure him to his club where reapers can see him.

Arnold decided to come forward to be a witness. Nick is sending them at lodge. The reapers are following them, fortunately they noticed that the they are following.

With his training with Monroe, Nick fight 2 reapers and kill them. He call Monroe to help. They send back them their heads.