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Haven Season 1 Episode 12 Resurfacing

Hank, an old man found an old boat resurfacing back on the shore, and he found the body of his son.

Audrey and Nathan are checking the resurfacing boat. Hank’s wife go to confront the family of captain James, while she fight with her. She is pull with unseen force to the door.

Audrey go see his wife about that, they ask about some corrupt part they found in boat. She said that Duke used to provided it.

Nathan ask Duke about that, but seem he’s in the trouble again. At captain’s house, her daughter is flirting with her boyfriends while he start to do not nice at front of her brother.

She want him to stop but he won’t, he is pulled out with invisible power.

Duke ask Nathan help about his situation, someone stole thing in his box, pay him with fake money. Now the owner try to make him pay.

One night someone throw the rock to their house, Micheal is very upset and he can moving thing. Audrey found that Lucy used to help Micheal’s father who has same symptom.

Audrey is talking to Micheal, but she felt the present of his father. She could capture him with bare hand. He tell her that he is very upset when he knows when he knows he’s cheated. But he can’t warn anyone else because nobody see him.

Audrey explain to his wife that his husband still in house, Nathan found that Hank is the one who make all trouble. And he willing to kill anyone on his way.

Hank’s associate try to kill them. His father resurfacing and show up and help them.