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Grimm Season 1 Episode 18 Cat and Mouse

Nick is writing the Grimm journal about cat like creature he fight last time, near the port the creature is following the another creature Ian.

Ian trick him and kill the follower, but later not long the other creature  is coming.

He following him to the bus station, try to shoot him. Ian could escape but he is injured. Killer’s working for Verrat, he go to see Sean and threaten him to find the resistance group.

Ian go to see Rosalie at shop, he need some paper from her brother. Rosalie ask Monroe to  help her take the bullet out of Ian.

The shooter ask information from the bar,where Ian can get the passport. Nick found the body at the bar and he found Ian’s passport.

Rosalie and Monroe try to make Ian to get Nick’s help. They call him and ask him come to check.

Nick go in her shop, Ian told him about Verrat. Nick ask them to stay inside. But Rosalie go to make fake passport, but the owner refuse to do because the killer come to threaten his family before.

Killer call Nick and ask him to meet at the station, he go there to see him. He threaten him to kill people if he doesn’t give him Ian.

While Rosalie is getting the passport in shop, killer is there and following her. He capture her and ask Monroe to give Ian.

Nick, Monroe and Ian try come to help her, Nick and Monroe go to distract him. Ian manage to kill him. Nick wants to arrest him for murder, but finally he release him because if not his friends will die.