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Haven Season 1 Episode 11 The Trial of Audrey Parker

Audrey, julie and Duke is playing poker with 2 men from town. Agent Howard come to see Audrey, he wants her back home.

While they are talking in room, someone lock them in the room. Nathan confront his father about his body, he knows for a long time.

Duke get distract by 2 men to playing the card,  Audrey stuck in the room with no gsm.

Now Duke and Julie are locked down too, they run his boat to sea. Nathan start to worry about Audrey, he hack her computer and checked.

When Duke try a plan to get out but they knows his move and they take all his bullets.

Audrey could send the SMS from the sea, Nathan is calling coast guard to following her.

Duke tell Julie that 2 men may come for a box in his boat, he notice that the boat is leaking.

Audrey can get out the room, 2 men are torture Duke for a box. They finally found the box, Audrey could get the line on boat and call Nathan.

She manage to help Duke out, and capture both of them. Once on land she quit the FBI.