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Grimm Season 1 Episode 16 The Thing with Feathers

Robin is a creature with Feathers on her face, she is waiting her boyfriend to pick her up, but he won’t make it. She has to go back to her husband’s house and wait.

This vacation, Nick is going the purpose Juliette. He stop at her house to ask her husband for direction. He see her husband transform to creature like a cat.

Hank is stalking Adalind, because he call her many times. But she won’t pickup, Hank see she is seeing another man.

Nick is in the house opposite to Robin’s house. Juliette saw her husband grab her and drag her in house, she ask Nick to call local police. At her house her husband force her to swallow food with the machine.

After police come to her house, he left without do anything.  Next day while Juliette is shopping, she met Robin. She try to ask if she has  the problem. Her husband come to interrupt. Nick see Robin transform as features creature.

Nick call Monroe, he tell Nick that Robin is a special species, she can give the rare object. And he think her husband will kill her to get it out.

When Robin’s husband leave the house, Robin is running from the house. She is meeting with her boyfriend but her husband come to kill him first.

Nick following them there he found Robin’s boyfriend body, he call the police again. Juliette see she drag in to the house again. He’s going to get the rare object from her body.

Nick go to her house and stop him, they fight and her husband be able to escape. Robin tell Nick that police is part of this too. Now they are coming to them, Robin run to the wood.

He found her in wood, she ask him to remove it from her before she can’t breath. After done, Sheriff and her husband come to take it from them,  Nick manage to trick and cache Sheriff.

Her husband run off with rare object, but he fell and make it destroy. Nick is refused by Juliette, she think he hiding something from her.