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Haven Season 1 Episode 3 – Harmony

At the mental hospital, the nurse is thrown by Dr. lucassi to the wall. He throw everyone and everything out of the hospital.

Nathan and Audrey go there and stop him, but 3 patients are escape from hospital.

They found 2 of them play normally with a kid. One of them (Lily) show up in the his husband (Ray)’s house, she is not crazy anymore.

Right after they bring patients back to the hospital, they become crazy again. Same as Dr. Lucassi, he’s not crazy anymore.

Lily is really like music, but if she feel not harmony with the music. She become extremely aggressive.

They go to see her at the her husband house, Lily is runaway.

At bar Nathan and Ray found Lily,  but once Audrey catch up with Nathan. He become crazy. Audrey has no choice but to tease Nathan and that knock him down.

Audrey found out that the incident happen after Ray play piano at the bar. He try to help Lily by play music, once he play Lily become OK.

Ray try to get Lily on boat but Lily begin to crazy again, so Ray play guitar to help her.

But Dr. Lucassi is there, so he become crazy and kidnap Ray. He try to dis-insect Ray to find the harmony.

Audrey and Nathan come in time and stop him. Audrey suggest that Ray should continue by take his wife on the boat.

Ray takes all patients on boat, so his music won’t harm the other. before they left, one of patient know the mystery woman in picture, her name is Lucy.