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Grimm Season 1 Episode 2 Bears Will Be Bears

2 teenagers Gilda and Rocky are running in to the wood and they found a big house, they break in the big house, they running and eat things in the house, they see there are many bedroom. Not too long they heard the car coming, Gilda jump out of window, but Rocky is killed by someone in house. Gilda also is chased by someone, but she could escape.

Marie Nick’s aunt, now is out of the coma. He see the footage of woman who attack him but can’t get her face.

Nick is investigating the incident with Gilda, they go to the big house in the wood.  The house is belong to the Rabes, they called the police because of the break-in . Nick notice there is very strange ancient crawl, and crawl mark on the wall.

Hospital call Nick and tell him that his aunt is awake, she told him that the Grimm is hunt down by Reaper.

Nick go to the wood to find Rocky, they met Rabe’s son. Nick see them transform to a bear, Mr. Rabe recognize Nick as Grimm. Nick found the hand of Bear in his aunt’s trailer.

Nick ask the help from Blutbad, he told Nick that they are Jagerbar, Look like Jagebar they have ancient hunt to kill people.

Now Gilda try to find Rocky, she go to Rabe’s house again but she is attacked and captured by their sons.

Nick meet Mr. Rabe, they go to stop his son before they start this hunt, they found them in the cave. finally what they get is their mom.

At the hospital his aunt is attacked by a priest, she could killed him but she’s too weak after a fight so she died.