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Haven Season 1 Episode 10 The Hand You’re Dealt

Duke has a dealt with Audrey to go to check his source at  school, they go to see another girl Vanessa in the picture with Lucy.

She don’t remember anything about that day like Duke. She make 2 students clam, but after she lost her power they start to fight again.

Principal see them start to fight again, she complain to her before she leave the school in her car.

Vanessa try to stop her but she lost her power, principle is blow up. Audrey and Nathan can’t find anything about explosive in car.

Audrey and Duke are off to go to see the man shoot that picture, once he start to talk he start to take off his cloth.

Julie suggest Audrey that her mother takes note for everything include the autopsy of Lucy.

One day Vanessa is show up at the pool club, again she lost her power. That make one of swimmer boil to dead.

Audrey and Julie found her mother’s note about similar incident about fire happen.

Duke go to see Vanessa and try to talk her to help her, but she refused. The other swimmer see her at the pool. they give her sketch to Nathan.

Audrey and Nathan go to see her at house, they found Duke there. They found her hitting list, they go to see another name in the list before her.

They found her at front of the man house, she said the tank is going to explode. They can save him, Vanessa explain that she see the time before people die.

She also tell them that she’s also going to die, she said a lot of people are going to die too.

Finally Nathan figure out that next one will happen at the out door theater,  they also figure that Matt one they save is a killer.

They found him there, he won’t stop. He explode Vanessa, Audrey try to provoke him. He so angry and explode himself.

Right before she did she tell Duke about his dead.