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Grimm Season 1 Episode 15 Island of Dreams

Nick almost has a bad dreams, while Juliette ask Nick to teach her how to use a gun, he think that she’s going to breakup with him.

Freddy, the medicine shop’s owner is attacked by 2 snake men. He is killed by them.

Nick call her sister to come and tell her bad story. He bring her to his shop , seem she knows nothing.

Captain ask Adalind to make Hank fall in love with her, this time she put some potion in her cookie.

Nick and Monroe to check the shop basement, to check if he know something suspicious.  He found the drug for a creature like him.

At night the thieves come back to the shop to get all drug, they found her in basement. She could escape, and she can identify them now.

She ask to have Monroe instead of police to protect her, Nick ask him to protect her. In the morning she wants to go to her shop, Nick and police found the snake’s place.

They notice, and they shot at them, Hank get distract with day dreams. The snake escapes. One officer who eat Hank’s cookie go to see Monroe at shop, he collapse and almost die.

She made him medicine and help him, and they return him in his house.

They try to find their next nest of 2 snakes, she go to the drug dealer. she got 2 tickets for Nick and Monroe. Nick found them there at the nest, and they cache them.