Haven Season 1 Episode 9 As You Were

Duke and Audrey are on boat, they are going carpenter’s knot. They throw her the birthday’s party at there.

Audrey learn from the man Vaughn she met, she looks like ‘Lucy Ripley’.  Vaughn lied about his wife, he tell everyone that she’s die. He ask her to leave soon, his face is transform.

Vaughn is found in the basement, Nathan’s father tell them the killer is shape shifter or Chameleon. He used to kill his partner before, he manage to kill it one time.

He said now Chameleon kill one of them and replace him/her. They are now argument about how to do next. They take her gun and split them to among people.

Audrey and Nathan go to check the boat house, they found the boat. But Nathan’s father destroy it.

Duke is fixing radio, Nathan suggest that they should find the victim. They split up to a group, they are not success.

Audrey suggest that they should unwrap the gift. Who can’t answer what’s they bring should be a Chameleon.

Nathan is wrong about his present because he ask Jess to brought it. Audrey untie him and then suddenly all house go dark. Everybody scatter on their own.

While Audrey, Nathan and Duke is finding way to get Light back. Julie’s mother is found dead by her and Nathan’s Father.

They gather again while the light is back, Nathan suspect Audrey is Chameleon. He touch her and kiss her, then he shot her to dead.

She transform back to Chameleon, Nathan said he knows because when she untie him he didn’t feel her. But he told them that she’s alive.

They found her at the basement, once they back to the land. Duke gave her Lucy’s pendant, he told her that he’s a boy who stand next to her in the photo.